£21.00 GBP

Review, Reflect, Release 2023

If you ready to say goodbye to 2023 and be thankful for all you’ve learnt but let it go and be open and ready for 2024, then I will take you on a journey to review, reflect on and integrate the year that has been to allow you to have a clear and grounded outlook for 2024.

During this one-off special workshop, we will literally review 2023 to identify key events and how they impacted us. Reflect on how we feel about them and let them go or complete anything that is still outstanding around it.

We will then embark on a powerful visualisation exercise to meet your future self and get excited about all that is yet to come in our lives.

After setting some new intentions and goals we will complete with a mini breathe & meditation to ground in to our new intentions. 

This is a recording of the live workshop.