A Guided Journey Connecting You Back to Your Inner Light


It's become far too easy to disconnect from who we are, from our true power and our divine inner light. We are so unique, powerful and beautiful when we know who we are and can give ourselves permission to shine bright. This journey has been created to give you the step by step guide to reconnect with YOU. To tap into that inner goddess energy and allow yourself to shine so bright that you will be illuminating not only your path ahead but also for those around you. 

All hosted within a safe and sacred space, with myself as your spiritual guide to support you every step of the way.

It's time to shine bright my love, we need your light. 

Time to welcome in the life you are meant to be living. 


It's time my love. If you're here reading this then it is no coincidence that you have found this journey.

We have likely been conditioned from a young age to behave a certain way. To be cautious, to watch what we say, to not wear certain things, to not draw attention to ourselves. Essentially, over our lifetime, we have been taught to dim our light. Be it to make others feel comfortable, to be respectful, or supposedly to keep us safe, whatever the reason was, it has slowly but surely shut down our true expression of self and we have become disconnected from who we truly our. We have lost our light. 

I will show you how you can breathe to reconnect to yourself and provide guidance and tools on a weekly basis to ensure you are able to build safety around showing up in this world as the truest expression of yourself. 

If anything has resonated with you so far then read on, you are in exactly the right place at the right time, i've got you.


  • Being able to show up in the world as your whole self and shining so bright that you¬†are MAGNETIC to your dreams
  • Finding joy in your day to day knowing that you are deeply connected to your inner wisdom and light
  • Breathing deeply, freely, powerful to give you the ability to fully illuminate yourself
  • Living a life of true alignment that fills you with ease and safety¬†
  • Connecting deeply with your inner goddess and intuition so you fully trust in your guidance
  • Healing your past traumas no matter how big or small allowing you to move forward in life with ease.¬†
  • Feeling seen, and heard completely and knowing life is entirely on your own terms.¬†¬†
  • Having your own personal guidebook, to navigate life, with grace, and a¬†network of like-minded women to support you always.¬†
  • Unlocking your magic to ILLUMINATE your life


If this is resonating with you in any way, then you know you are ready for change.

You are ready to tap into your light and welcome in the life that you truly deserve. 

What you mean 'connect with my light and ILLUMINATE'? 

It's an unlearning, a healing, a journey within. Together we will start to lay down the armour we have built up over the years to protect us and learn how to be gentle with ourselves. There will be forgiveness and self love practices that support us but it is our breath that will be our guide back to self. 


By joining this five-week guided journey to reconnect with your divine light and awaken the goddess within. Week by week there will be support, teachings, guidance but most of all, guided integrative breathwork practices for you to awaken and master your own power. 

Whats Included?

  • Weekly recordings¬†and masterclasses for you to consume in your own time
  • Live virtual Transformational Breath¬ģ sessions, to master your breath, heal trauma, unlock your magic and reconnect with your light.¬†
  • Step by step guidance for you to start to soften and heal, practical tools and tips along the way
  • Being in community with a fabulous sisterhood of awakened women who will support you every step of your journey.¬†


We begin on 3rd June 2024 and live sessions are every Thursday at 7pm via zoom. 

 Change starts here now, in this moment.

It's time to shine bright my love, we need your light

Join the journey here

All For A Special One Off Launch Price


All of this is available to you, to have lifetime access to, to build a community and totally transform your life with, for only £555.

That is an investment of only £111 per week to gain access forever. 

The content that will be made available to you, the live guided breathwork sessions and teachings, are all valued at over £2500 but this special price is just for you who are the founding members of Illuminate and are coming together as the first group to embark on this transformational journey within. 

"Jessie has a holistic view of what she conveys, she carefully guides us through this course. Informs us, that it is up to us how we absorb information and the exercises. But she is keen to help us to understand how it works and the benefit with it. She makes us feel taken care of, both as individual and as a group. She takes the time to follow up and let us know that she is there for us all time during all three weeks. I have met a lot of teachers, she is outstanding."


"This for me has been such an amazing experience learning the breath technique was a challenge at first but totally put myself out there and embraced it. I still have a lot to learn. It‚Äôs been life changing and I had an awakening from doing the spring detox I have found inner peace and released blockages. Would definitely recommend Jessie‚Äôs breath work especially if other therapies don‚Äôt work for you. Thank you so much Jessie‚ÄĚ"




"Working with Jessie Laute was eye opening in the best possible way. A safe space, beautifully created and the freedom to speak about subjects that are not only difficult, but necessary for processing the tidal wave of emotions that we are bombarded with every day by the media and the struggles of life on the planet at this time. Jessie does not just over deliver on each session, with her wonderful calming voice and gentle words, you are lulled into a safe and expansive space, where you get to de-clutter any blockages in your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical realms‚ÄĚ




Pay in Full


Save £45

  • 5 Weeks¬†of Mentorship, Support & Guidance
  • Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • A Members Area With Your Own Personal Spiritual Toolkit
  • A Fabulous Community of Heart-Led Women

Pay in Instalments


2 x Instalments

  • 5 Weeks¬†of Mentorship, Support & Guidance
  • Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • A Members Area With Your Own Personal Spiritual Toolkit
  • A Fabulous Community of Heart-Led Women

About Jessie


Jessie is your guide on this journey. A certified Transformational Breath¬ģ Leader, Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Angel Guide and Spiritual Teacher. Jessie has been on her own journey of healing since 2015 when she left her corporate job and moved out to Brazil. Here she discovered how to live life again, discovered breathwork, healed childhood trauma, retrained as a coach and managed to reconnect with herself again.

Having trained and worked all over the world with leaders in the field, Jessie has worked with thousands of people to support them in transforming their lives through the practices of breathwork and coaching that she has learnt, practiced, implemented and developed over the years. 

With many successful courses delivered online and in person, Jessie will guide you intuitively ensuring to the best of her ability that you are held in a safe space to explore, unlock, heal and flourish. It's your right to be able to show up in the world as your whole self and Jessie wishes to support you in reconnecting with your inner light to be able to shine bright, just as she has been able to do herself. 

Let Jessie be your guide, it's time to Illuminate YOU, so come on in and join us.  

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