21 Days of guided breathwork, to transform your life


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Time for Transformation – Consistency is Key to Change. 

What do you want? What is it you spend your time day dreaming about? Or googling online when you have some time to spare? Do you ever feel like there is so much more you could be doing? So much more that you WANT to be doing? So, what’s the reason you’re not doing it? What is the fear or hesitation? What is stopping you from making that change? From unlocking your potential?

What if I told you the only thing stopping you is you. I’m pretty sure you probably already knew that, so let me ask, what will you do about it? Keeping wishing and wanting? Or will you start now and take aligned action? Change starts here, in this moment, right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not that date you’ve circled in your diary, it starts now, in this moment. 

Your presence is your power. 

Pause for a moment and really take that in. Your presence is your power. This moment matters. 

If you have ever had any goals you’ve worked towards you know that they require planning, consistent action steps towards them and also a strong mindset. Wouldn’t we all love it if our dreams just arrived on our doorsteps all packaged up and ready to go? Well they certainly can, but not without the work and commitment towards making them a reality. 

What else do I need to do you might be asking?

  • You need to make space in your life for those dreams to arrive. Meaning you need to clear out the past and let go of any negativity that’s weighing you down. This can also include people. 

  • You need to clear the path for them to find their way. Which asides from being clear and consistent in your actions, it also means to get out of your own way and stop blocking yourself. (I know you know what I’m talking about). 

  •  Then you need to open the door to let them in. After doing the work, make sure you can see and fully receive your dreams when they arrive because you know you are worthy enough to deserve all of your deepest desires. No more self-sabotage Thank you, we are done with that!


If this is resonating with you in any way, then you know you are ready for change.

You are ready to build the life for yourself that you truly deserve. 

So how do I make this change? 

They say that change always starts from within and yes it certainly does. So here is where we will need to go deep within ourselves and start to discover and uncover any old, negative, possibly destructive patterns, see them for what they are and then reprogram them with new, positive, empowering patterns. 


By learning about your breath and using it to your advantage. Yes your breath!

Are you aware of how you are breathing? Stop and pay attention right now. Are you controlling your breath as you inhale and exhale? Is it shallow or deep? Are you breathing in your chest or your belly? How many times a day do you think you hold your breath? 

 The way you are breathing is directly impacting how you live your life every single moment of every single day. 


100% yes! Any of you who have already practiced any breathwork with me will have experienced this. We can hold a lifetime of anger, sadness, trauma and pain in our bodies and bury it so deep we can forget it’s there. But it will make itself known eventually, in the form of physical pain, discomfort, dis-ease or an unexpected explosion of emotion. Ever heard the saying ‘your issues are in your tissues’ well it couldn’t be truer. We can store emotions on a cellular level that we are carrying around with us daily that are causing blockages to the flow of life through our bodies.


The 21 Day Breathwork Journey

An opportunity to start to explore your breath and build a daily practice that will encourage you to pay attention to how you are breathing, what that means, and how you can open it up. In turn open up your life, experience true freedom from your past, your guilt, your self-judgement and inner critic. Breaking free. 


For 21 days, I will guide you through some guided breathwork each day. I will share with you what our breath is showing us and you will start to learn how to connect with your breath and make some small but powerful changes to improve your whole health and wellbeing. 


Each week will have a different theme. We will go deep into the understanding of the science of how our breath impacts our whole life, as well as the deeper emotional and vibrational transformations we will be making. 

 21 days of guided breathwork

The science behind your breath

Understanding your emotions

Recognising your own patterns and learning techniques to change them

Access to a Facebook Community of others who have completed the journey

The opportunity to form the best habit you could ever have

I can only guarantee this will take you as deep as you are willing to let yourself go. At the very least you will become aware of your own breathing pattern and how you can use breathwork to open it up. But hopefully you will uncover some old patterns that you no longer have use for and can reprogram them for a life where you will thrive. It is limitless as to where this can take you. 


Change starts here now, in this moment.

Your presence is your power and you can’t be more present than with your breath. 


"Jessie immediately made me welcome and open minded to try something new. Breathwork has been amazing for me, it helps me sleep better, my mind in calmer and I know how to focus on my intentions quicker"


"Thank you Jessie for this beautiful program!”"





"Highly reccommend!”"