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2hr Intro to Transformational Breath¬ģ & Breathing Circle

Come and join this 2 hour workshop where you will learn a powerful technique that will transform the way you breathe. You will go on a journey with your breath which will help you to better understand your own breathing pattern and what that means.

Most of us may have a dysfunctional breathing pattern and are only using about a third of our whole respiratory system. Not even half.. We take over 20,000 breaths a day and if I was to ask how many of them are you actually aware of I am guessing maybe none. What else we may not be aware of is that how well we are breathing, can directly impact how well we are feeling.

By starting to pay attention to our breath we can start to notice and then unlock some of the tensions, stresses and traumas that we can store away unconsciously that can impact our health and wellbeing without us even realising.

Transformational Breath¬ģ is an integrative, connected breathing technique that allows you to access stored emotions and traumas in the body to enable them to integrate and heal. We will be exploring the physical, mental / emotional and spiritual elements of our breath.

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Join me at my monthly breathing classes in Richmond.

Sundays 2 - 4pm - £55


2hr Introduction to Transformational Breath¬ģ¬†

Location: The Yoga Bar, 21 Paradise Road #Suite D Richmond TW9 1SA 

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Sunday 26th May 2024

Sunday 30th June 2024

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Review, Reflect, Release 2023

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The Phoenix Rising Retreat 

23rd- 28th August 2024

Western Algarve, Portugal 

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"As a total beginner, I felt extremely supported and welcomed by Jessie and her team. Through Jessie's teaching and encouragement, I experienced an overwhelming emotional and physical response to this breathing technique which was so unexpected. Would recommend everyone to try this with Jessie!"


"Jessie is a wonderful breathwork leader. Her compassion, knowledge, insight and support made these genuinely transformational. Totally exceeded my expectations in every way. She is a special person and I will definitely be going to her in person sessions again."





"It was an amazing experience to be lead through the transformational breath session. Jessie created a warm, welcoming and safe space for all emotions to exist. Sharing insight about the science of the techniques really helped to frame and validate each person’s unique experience. I’d 100% recommend the practice frequently for emotional regulation & breakthroughs"






"I loved my first session with Jessie. I learnt a lot, felt totally at ease with the breathwork practice, supported by Jessie throughout and achieved an incredibly calm and relaxed state - bliss"






"Jessie appears to me to be the very embodiment of love; while the breath practice promotes the release of past trauma and self-forgiveness, her intuitive guidance feels extremely personal and directed towards exactly what I need, even when I'm part of a group. I cannot recommend her work more highly....Love you Jessie!"






"This was an amazing experience. I have recommended the work shop to my children. So glad I found Jessie. It was a warm safe environment. Like counselling without having to talk. Thank you"