A beautiful spiritual 12-month home, to transform you from the inside out.


A safe and sacred space to grow and evolve into your next level self

The Phoenix Soul Collective is a 12 month membership, that will support you in reconnecting with your inner goddess, manifesting your dream life and transforming you from the inside out. 

All hosted within a safe and sacred space, with myself as your spiritual guide, and a fabulous community of other heart-led awakened women, who can support you every step of the way.

Time for Transformation – Consistency is Key to Change. 

What do you want? What is it you spend your time day dreaming about? Or googling online when you have some time to spare? Do you ever feel like there is so much more you could be doing? So much more that you WANT to be doing? So, what’s the reason you’re not doing it? What is the fear or hesitation? What is stopping you from making that change? From unlocking your potential?

What if I told you the only thing stopping you is you. I’m pretty sure you probably already knew that, so let me ask, what will you do about it? Keeping wishing and wanting? Or will you start now and take aligned action? Change starts here, in this moment, right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not that date you’ve circled in your diary, it starts now, in this moment. 

Your presence is your power. 

Pause for a moment and really take that in. Your presence is your power. This moment matters. 

If you have ever had any goals you’ve worked towards you know that they require planning, consistent action steps towards them and also a strong mindset. Wouldn’t we all love it if our dreams just arrived on our doorsteps all packaged up and ready to go? Well they certainly can, but not without the work and commitment towards making them a reality. 


  • Feeling more connected than ever, to your inner self, so that you can live a life of tru alignment
  •  Awakening your divine feminine energy, so that you can be guided, and know that every decision or step that you make is exactly the right one for you
  • Activating your personal power, at a soul level, so that you can call in your dream life easily, and without resistance 
  • Knowing that The Universe always has your back, and that you can communicate with it, to co-create a life better than your wildest dreams
  • Experiencing an awakening like no other, while being supported and held, every step of the way.
  • Expanding into your most empowered, next level self, where you feel seen, heard and life is entirely on your own terms.  
  • Having your own personal toolkit, to navigate life, with grace, and a community of like-minded women to support you. 


If this is resonating with you in any way, then you know you are ready for change.

You are ready to build the life for yourself that you truly deserve. 

So how do I make this change? 

They say that change always starts from within and yes it certainly does. So here is where we will need to go deep within ourselves and start to discover and uncover any old, negative, possibly destructive patterns, see them for what they are and then reprogram them with new, positive, empowering patterns. 


By joining me on a 12 month transformational journey, that will combine monthly themed spiritual practices to deepen your connection with yourself and The Universe, to awaken your Goddess within. 

Whats Included?

  • 12 Months of spiritual guidance, as you unlock and activate the deepest parts of yourself. This includes monthly themed training sessions and coffee and coaching activation calls. 
  • Weekly virtual Transformational Breathwork sessions, to heal past trauma, connect within and uplevel your health and wellbeing. 
  • Opportunities to attend 1 in-person Breathwork Workshop, at a beautiful studio in Richmond, Surrey 
  • A dedicated members only portal, with trainings and resources to build your own personal spiritual toolkit, that will serve you now and for years to come. 
  • Being in community with a fabulous sisterhood of awakened women who will support you every step of your journey. 


 Change starts here now, in this moment.

Your presence is your power and you can’t be more present than with your breath. 


"Jessie has a holistic view of what she conveys, she carefully guides us through this course. Informs us, that it is up to us how we absorb information and the exercises. But she is keen to help us to understand how it works and the benefit with it. She makes us feel taken care of, both as individual and as a group. She takes the time to follow up and let us know that she is there for us all time during all three weeks. I have met a lot of teachers, she is outstanding."


"This for me has been such an amazing experience learning the breath technique was a challenge at first but totally put myself out there and embraced it. I still have a lot to learn. It’s been life changing and I had an awakening from doing the spring detox I have found inner peace and released blockages. Would definitely recommend Jessie’s breath work especially if other therapies don’t work for you. Thank you so much Jessie"




"Working with Jessie Laute was eye opening in the best possible way. A safe space, beautifully created and the freedom to speak about subjects that are not only difficult, but necessary for processing the tidal wave of emotions that we are bombarded with every day by the media and the struggles of life on the planet at this time. Jessie does not just over deliver on each session, with her wonderful calming voice and gentle words, you are lulled into a safe and expansive space, where you get to de-clutter any blockages in your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical realms




Pay in Full


Save £267

  • 12 Months of Mentorship, Support & Guidance
  • Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • Quarterly In-Person Workshops
  • A Members Area With Your Own Personal Spiritual Toolkit
  • A Fabulous Community of Heart-Led Women

Pay in Instalments


12 Monthly Instalments

  • 12 Months of Mentorship, Support & Guidance
  • Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • Quarterly In-Person Workshops
  • A Members Area With Your Own Personal Spiritual Toolkit
  • A Fabulous Community of Heart-Led Women

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