How Breathwork Can Improve Your Sex Life

relationships self-care sex life Nov 07, 2023

A conscious breathing practice can help to deepen and intensify your orgasms. How? We unconsciously control our breath a number of times throughout the day, particularly when experiencing different emotions or feelings. It can be a standard response we have created in our bodies that when we are experiencing a strong sensation, we will control and hold our breath in an attempt to control and hold in the sensation as it may be painful or overwhelm us. We may also do this when we are close to reaching climax, again we may hold our breath. In doing this we are controlling the release we feel and possibly not allowing ourselves to feel it fully. 

So I invite you, instead of holding your breath at this moment, what if you allowed your breath to flow in deeply into every cell in your body, down to all of your sexual organs and allow them to release completely freely? It’s possible you would have a deeper, more intense orgasm. My invitation to you is to practice some breathing exercises or breathe deeply when you are close to climax and see what impact it has. It will help to prolong the orgasm as well as intensify it. 

An exercise to try with your partner:

You can deepen your physical and emotional connection with your partner by using your breath to open up your sexual energy. When opposite your partner, try noticing and feeling your partners breath, the length of the inhale and the length of the exhale. Also notice the pace of their breath and start to adapt to how they are breathing. Eventually your breath will synchronise with your partners and you will be inhaling and exhaling together. Once your breath is synced, exhale together one more time then just you hold your breath until your partner next exhales and then you inhale, then you exhale when they inhale, inhale when they exhale etc, by doing this you are receiving each breath from them and they from you, deepening your connection and intimacy.